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CAWST at a Glance
Change the world Learn about one of the world's pressing issues Discover the CAWST Solution... CAWST's results and impact globally...
Join us on Thursday, September 25th and learn how a Calgary-based charity is improving the health and lives of millions worldwide.
CAWST is hosting its annual Celebration & AGM at the beautiful Glenbow Museum! 
The event will feature stories from the field and opportunities to engage with our overseas staff while learning about global water and sanitation issues. We recently announced our annual results, showing that 9.3 million people are using better water or sanitation as a result of projects implemented by CAWST's clients. Join us in our mission to reach 20 million people by 2020 with safe drinking water and sanitation!
Please complete the RSVP form below. Feel free to invite friends, family and colleagues!
We look forward to seeing you! 

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