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Nepal earthquake: an update from CAWST

Our hearts go out to Nepal following the terrible earthquake on Saturday. We are devastated by the scale of the damage and, like you, have been following developments closely and reaching out to our partners and clients.

Staff at our Water Expertise and Training (WET) Centre in Nepal are safe. The WET Centre is run in partnership with ENHPO and we are relieved to hear their staff are also safe and their office in Kathmandu escaped serious damage. The CAWST staff member who was in Nepal at the time of the earthquake is also safe.

CAWST has been working in Nepal for over a decade, training local organizations how to sustainably improve access to safe drinking water and sanitation. Many of those organizations are involved in the disaster relief efforts.

CAWST’s experience in Haiti in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake there will be crucial as we support our WET Centre and other client organizations working in Nepal on in the post-emergency recovery and reconstruction phases.

We will provide regular updates, both at and on social media, as the fast-changing situation evolves. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. You can also learn more about our WET Centre partner in Nepal, ENPHO, by visiting their website at

From all of us at CAWST, thank you for your support and concern for the people of Nepal.

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