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Local Youth Wins UN Scholarship

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Mahala Morris, left, seen here explaining how she and her brother took action on water and sanitation issues at CAWST's recent Wavemakers Youth Summit


A high school student from Millarville, Alberta who has been involved with CAWST's Youth Wavemakers program for three years has been awarded a travel scholarship worth $30,000 to embark on a speaking tour across North America, including speaking to the United Nations General Assembly.

Mahala Morris is among a small group of students who have been awarded the travel scholarships as part of the UN Pilgrimage for Youth competition. From among the finalists, a winner will be selected after the speaking tour.

Morris was awarded the scholarship for her speech on global water and sanitation issues. She competed with other students from Alberta's Foothills area to secure a spot at the Oddfellows and Rebekah's annual speak-off on Sunday, November 16th. Her speech, entitled "Water for Life". secured her one of two travel scholarships being awarded at the event.

Morris will next travel across North America to compete against other finalists from around the world. The international competition will also include a visit to New York, where she will deliver her speech at the United Nations.

Morris has been an active member of CAWST's Youth Wavemakers program for three years. Most recently she served as a master of ceremony for CAWST's annual Youth Summit in early November, which brings some 100 Calgary-area youth together to plan water action projects they will be working on for the duration of the school year.

At the Youth Summit, Morris shared her passion for water issues and inspired youth to take action. CAWST is a Calgary-based charity that is expanding global access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation by training and mentoring organizations in developing countries to adapt simple, sustainable behaviours and technologies to improve drinking water and sanitation access.

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