Household Rainwater Harvesting

Duration: 4-5 days

Household rainwater harvesting is an option to be considered when planning an improved water supply system within a community. Depending on the local needs and conditions, rainwater harvesting may provide a supplementary or an alternative water supply.

The workshop offers instruction on the concept and technology of rainwater harvesting for domestic use and how it fits into the overall picture of appropriate rural and urban water supply in developing countries. Topics to be addressed include water supply and demand, selection of appropriate rainwater harvesting technology, and the basic construction, installation, operation and maintenance of roof top and surface catchments. Focus will be placed on recent technologies and current applications.

The workshop includes teachings on the fundamentals of water quality, household water treatment alternatives, social, economic and environmental considerations, and project implementation. A proper understanding of these elements is essential for the correct application of household rainwater harvesting systems. The workshop also introduces the global impact of clean water, hygiene and sanitation.


The following is a tentative list of the topics to be covered. A specific agenda will be developed for each workshop.

  • Theory
    • Global water issues
    • Rainwater harvesting technologies
    • Water supply and demand
    • Roof catchment systems
    • Ground catchment systems
    • Water quality Household water treatment technology options
  • Practical
    • Construction
    • Installation
    • Operation
    • Maintenance
  • Implementation
    • Role of rainwater harvesting within a domestic water supply system
    • Selecting an appropriate technology
    • Developing an effective implementation plan
    • Requirements for a successful program
    • Lessons learned and case studies
    • Developing the vision and next steps after the workshop

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