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Project Implementation for the Biosand Filter Workshop
Project Implementation for the Biosand Filter Workshop
08 Jul 2013 - 12 Jul 2013 
Centennial Secondary School - Belleville, Ontario
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Training courses on the biosand filter help to ensure the proper and consistent use of the filters in diverse regions of the world. This knowledge transfer is vital to ensure the success of a new biosand filter project and to ensure the health of technology users.

This workshop will offer instruction and hands-on experience for participants in the construction of all components of the filter, including concrete containers, sand media, diffuser basins and lids. Participants will gain a clear understanding of the rationale behind the filter design, how to install it and how to instruct householders on its correct usage.

The workshop will also include modules on the fundamentals of water epidemiology, household water treatment alternatives, and alternate water sources. A proper understanding of these program elements is essential for the correct application of biosand filters. Other topics to be introduced include sanitation, hygiene, water quality testing and the global impact of clean water.


  • Theory: water issues, pathogens, disease transmission, household water treatment technology options and designs, water storage and hygiene.
  • Practical: construction, installation, operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of the biosand filter.
  • Implementation: model, requirements for a successful HWT program, developing a basic project plan including next steps after the workshop.

For more information, see the course outline.

Project Implementation for the Biosand Filter Workshop Course Outline


The cost of this 4 day workshop held in Ontario is $ 600 CDN.

This covers all materials, handouts, instructions and food for the first day.

Any other costs such as accommodation and food is not covered.

To register please contact Emilie Sanmartin at 


Centennial Secondary School
160 Palmer Road
Belleville, Ontario


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